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Центр иностранных языков

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Study Abroad is an excellent opportunity for both children and adults to improve and perfect their English skills. Nowadays English opens new doors for both work and study. ”Full Immersion” into the English speaking environment enables students to progress much faster when compared to simply studying English in Russia.

The British Language Centre IPT (International Professional Training) offers a wide variety of English Language Programs in the U.K, the U.S. and Malta for students of all language abilities, from Beginner to Advanced)

We offer the following programs:

  • General English Course s;
  • Business English Course s;
  • Courses for Top Management ;
  • English for Specific Purposes (English for Business Communication, English for Finance, English for Management, English for Legal Practice, English for Medical Practice, etc.);
  • Courses for Teenagers (from 14 years old);
  • Courses for Adults ( 2 5+) ;
  • International Exam Preparation Courses (IELTS, TOEFL & BEC among others);

Our various language and specialised Study Abroad programs not only guarantee a high quality education, but also provide an entertaining time outside the classroom. A special note on our Vacation Study Abroad programs – we can assure students that this will be an experience they won't forget.

Courses in Language Centres across the UK are taught by professional Native Speaking teachers using up-to-date academic approaches and techniques. All language centres are fully equipped and provide students with an opportunity to work in video rooms, language and computer labs.

While living abroad, students may choose to live at the Language Centre dormitory, at a hotel, apartment, or may even opt for a Homestay program.

Apart from arranging attendance at a Language Centre overseas (choosing the centre and the program), IPT (International Professional Training) assists students in compiling all the necessary documents required by the Embassy for studying and travelling abroad, applying for a visa, booking plane tickets, obtaining Medical Insurance, and providing ongoing support during the whole period of study abroad.