International Professional Training

Центр иностранных языков

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IPT (International Professional Training) offers on-line learning in collaboration with Macmillan English Campus. This learning environment was created by our partner, a leading publisher of English Language study materials and text books on approaches to Teaching English.

There are two types of On-line learning:

  •  E-learning: where learning is done exclusively on-line;
  •  Blended learning: where face-to-face classes are combined with on-line self study;

Macmillan English Campus truly amazes with the wide variety of its programs, interactive exercises and tests, including those to help students develop listening skills and pronunciation, language games and tasks in the format of international English Language exams. Students will have unlimited access to these resources besides the ones offered within the main program.
The system includes an on-line dictionary, grammar reference materials, the possibility to create your own study resources such as keeping ”My Word List”, creating bookmarks for necessary exercises and web-resources, working with contemporary news articles adjusted for different language levels, and participating in web-projects.
IPT teachers monitor the entire learning process, choosing on-line exercises for their students and checking the site regularly through Communication at the campus, as well as through Skype or during face-to-face classes.

Why choose Macmillan English Campus?

  •  Unlimited access to the program 24 hours a day for the duration of the course;
  •  Ability to independently make your own schedule;
  •  Ability to create your own study resources:
    •  My world list
    •  Bookmarks for exercises and web-resources of interest;
    •  News updated daily and adjusted for different language levels;
    •  Participation in web-projects ;
  •  Access to 3 extra campus programs besides the main one (for example, General English   Courses, International Exam Preparation Courses etc.);
  •  Access to the on-line version of the Macmillan English Dictionary for Advanced learners;
  •  Direct communication with a teacher on any course-related questions via ”Communication”;
  •  Regular feedback: face-to-face with a teacher or via Skype once or twice a week;
  •  Specially compiled test bank with the ability to choose a test and set test specifications (time limitations, etc.);
  •  Monitoring of student's work and progress;

 You can find more detailed information on our partner's website:

 www . macmillanenglishcampus . com