International Professional Training

Центр иностранных языков

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The Language Centre IPT (International Professional Training)offers the following foreign language training options: 

General Courses:
Course levels vary from Beginner to Advanced in accordance with the Common European Framework.
All our teachers use the communicative approach  that helps students improve their speaking and listening skills in the shortest possible time.
This approach enables students to overcome language barriers and achieve fluency in a foreign language. The study ratio between grammar and speaking is determined by the client.

Business Courses:
These courses help company employees feel confident in work-related communication with colleagues and foreign partners alike.

Blended Courses (General & Business): 
This course helps employees improve their speaking skills and focus on specific, business-related vocabulary. A combination of General and Business English (or another foreign language), as well as different teaching methods are used throughout the courses to make studying enjoyable for each employee.

We offer Special Courses for:

  • Financiers
  • Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Marketing and A dvertising experts
  • HR M anagers
  • Tourism and H ospitality specialists
  • Health C are professionals
  • IT specialists
  • Experts in electronics and engineering
  • Experts in electrical and mechanical engineering
  • Pilots and A ir T raffic controllers
  • Secretaries
  • Bank employees
  • Other specialists (Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Audit & Assurance, Food Processing industry, Brewing, Insurance, Real Estate among others)


Tailored courses:
If your company has an urgent need to conduct a specialised course whether for some of your employees, a particular department, or for the whole company, our Academic Department will design a tailored program with your company's specifications and needs in mind.

Practical business training:
Practical business training is aimed at improving business speaking and writing skills. In order to maximise the effectiveness of the course, a number of typical case studies are presented. Students apply their aquired knowledge in these role-plays, while the teacher monitors, comments and provides feedback. Moreover training sessions on giving presentations, holding meetings and conducting negotiations can be recorded on camera so that students are able to discuss their progress with the teacher and identify areas that need improvement at a later date.

Topics include:

  • Business Telephone Communication
  • Business Correspondence
  • Meetings & Negotiations
  • Presentations


Intensive courses:
IPT offers intensive courses tailored to the specific needs and language abilities of those time-constrained business professionals who would like to improve their foreign language skills, but who are unable to dedicate themselves to studying for an extended period of time. Students focus solely on the intensive course since their work routine will not distract them from the study program. The course, which consists of 8 - 9 academic-hour classes held daily for a period of 1 to 3 weeks, will ensure that students make significant progress as well as acquiring new language skills in the shortest time possible.